How to remove most ads in Cydia

Posted: June 16, 2011 by rotten4pple in Tweaks/Mods

Tired of the ads in some applications or the ads on cydia, well this is for you. Now this Host file will block MOST ads from websites and applications including cydia but not all so dont get upset if you still see ads.

Things you need.

  • Safari Download Manager (get it from cydia) .
  • ifile (get it from cydia) or you can all so do it trough SSH from your computer
  • DownloadHost File

Check out this how to VIDEO

  1. From your device open safari, and click on the link above .
  2. When the pop out comes out choose “download” and let it finish.
  3. open ifile and go to var/mobile/media/downloads and copy the hosts file.
  4. go all the way back to where you just see the foward slash ” / “
  5. look for the “etc” folder and open it and rename your current “hosts” file by adding original, just in case you want to go back to it later on.
  6. now paste the “hosts” file in the “etc” folder and thats it your done.

Thanks to for this file!


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