Cloning Applications

Posted: March 31, 2011 by JAilBreAKa☄ in How to Clone Apps

Installing more than one of the same app (clonning).

You will need




First thing open “iFile” and click the settings icon and turn on the items I have in the pic below.

[1] – Navigate to “var/mobile/applications” (or click the home icon bottom of screen and open applications) click & open the app you want to clone.
-Im using the WorldWar application-


[2] – Copy the .app file & the itunesArtwork file.


[3] – Navigate to “Var/mobile/documents/installous/downloads” and paste the two files in there.


[4] – Create a new folder called “Payload” and CUT & paste the .App file inside the Payload folder. (not the iTunesArtwork file)



Need Help
[5] – Now open up the .App file inside the Payload folder and find the “info.plist” file.
Open it using “property list viewer”


[6] – Now you need to change the “CFBundleIdentifier” (I recommend adding “02” to the end for the first clone and “03” for the second “04”, “05” etc. Check out the pics below.




Need Support
[7] – Select the Payload folder & iTunesArtwork and zip them.20110401-011333.jpg

You can call it pretty much anything you want. I keep mine simple and call it WorldWar02


[8] – You should have a . “zip” file. (like pic below) You just need to change the .zip to .ipa.


[9] – Once you have changed your .zip file to a .ipa file, exit ifile and open installous and select the new file you just made.
And press install, just as you would install any other app. Once installed, exit and you will have a brand new cloned app on your screen.

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## Now all you need to do is download “UDID Faker” from Cydia and open the app and change the UDID of your cloned app (so it is different to you original app)
Select the cloned app and choose “random UDID” save and exit.
Then respring or reboot your device.

Original post by Brc0703
His repo & also check out

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  1. Necro says:

    Finally, after hours of searching how to clone storm8 games, this has finally helped me. Simple instructions, its perfect. And guys, it actually works. Thanks a lot dude.

  2. Autumn says:

    i love it, but my file doesn’t list documents in the mobile folder. only applications, library, and media
    hmmmm. any help?

  3. sb says:

    hi i keep getting invalid ipa can you please tell me what im doing wrong….

  4. Frank balducci says:

    Did everything u said to do. When I open installous the new ipa is there but it says invalid ipa. Any idea why

  5. Steveo says:

    This is by far the best site for help on Jailbreak help well done M8 passing this site to all i know

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