Iconreaper. For Help With Skinning Your Icons

Posted: March 29, 2011 by JAilBreAKa☄ in Uncategorized

Anyone into themeing icons for themes read this.


The main purpose for this program is to gather together all of the icons not in a user-specified theme and zip them up so you can easily requestor manually skin you icons. Aswell as being able to edit individual apps for your themes.

-get icons not in a theme, the command will ask you to type in which theme. this is much quicker than manually searching!

– get a complete “Bundles” list with the default icon in each folder

-get all icons in one folder and zip, this is useful for bash photoshopping or even just to see what you should name them to make it work with winterboard

-setting up HD themes is much quicker

Installation and Usage
[1] To get this first add the repository: “cydia.ipod-hacking.com” in Cydia


[2] download “Icon Reaper” found in the iPH tweaks section


[3] open “mobile terminal” or ssh into your device
– (mobile terminal) type in “su root” (enter) then your password. (if you haven’t changed your password before in terminal, I recommend doing so in the near future. The default password is “alpine” (enter)
– (ssh) login as root and enter password.

[4] type “iconreaper” (enter)


[5] follow the instructions on screen.
(details below)

[6] the icons & bundles zip folder will be in var/mobile. Unzip the files and enjoy all ur icons in one place!


->BundlesIconscydia & default icons only<-
(auto-create themes)
–you can choose to only search for icons in the Applications/ directory which is NOT appstore apps but is where all of cydias apps reside. this is particularly useful with themes that have autocreate but you still have a few cydia icons unthemed.
This is what you need to skin your Cydia app icons)

please note: after copying the icons to your computer they will for the most part be unreadable. use fixpng to make the icons editable.

You can also manually skin you icons on your device by using "Art Studio" from installous.

Script Name: Icon Reaper
Author: Josh aka Phanatic






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