Change Colour Of Statusbars

Posted: March 28, 2011 by JAilBreAKa☄ in Uncategorized

How to change statusbar colours


To change statusbar colours/textures these are the files you need to change in “UIImages” inside your theme.

• Translucent_Base.png
• Black_Base.png
• Silver_Base.png

Open Ifile, find, rename and copy the pic you want as your statusbar. then navigate to “var/stash/themes.***** and choose the theme you want to edit then click on “UIImages” and paste. Then save and exit. Open winterboard and activate the theme.

(You are only after the colour/texture in the pic/tab/button/etc of the file you choose to rename and paste into your theme. It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as its the colour/style you want as your statusbar) the way that the statusbar works
(eg Silver_Base.png) it streches and condenses any image you choose to fit the status bar.

Here is a pic I have chosen to rename as “Black_Base.png and use as my statusbar. It is just a button from a app.


Here is what it looks like after renaming and pasting it into my theme.


**Just remember if you have iPhone/iPod 4 you will need to add “@2x” to all files you create. Eg:
• Translucent_Base
• Black_Base
• Silver_Base


Variable-width font.



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